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Five Factors To Consider When Buying Your Dream Home

15 July 2023

Purchasing a dream home in Kenya is an accomplishment that tops nearly everyone’s bucket list. To many people, a dream home comes with the perfect amenities that feel like it was made specifically for your family.

However, searching for your dream home comes with a set of challenges that derail many into confusion and the wrong unit. Whether you are looking for a modernized urban loft or a sprawling suburban home, always remember your dream must match your dream amenities and all factors inclusive.

The bottlenecks associated with your perfect dream home are quite often Mind-boggling, a tedious search and getting a professional Realtor to do your heavy lifting. The demand for an ultra-modern home comes with an array of specifications, desires, and amenities to consider before signing that cheque.

At Primofort Investments Ltd. We bring you the most dynamic and ultramodern housing units, best suited to your specifications and desires. Today you can’t just offload that burden to any Realtor considering that Many Kenyans have fallen prey to con-artists in the name of finding you the best Home.

Our services range from a diverse property search and professional client advisory services to get you that dream home. Here are five key factors that Primofort Investments Ltd. Has always considered in getting your dream home.

1. The features you have always wanted

A dream house is all about fulfilling your wish list than meeting the needs. It is allowed to have a sizeable wish list that outlines all features you would need in that house. While you might dream of a house with many bedrooms and expansive space to accommodate your family, your partner might be wishing for a beach condor with awe-inspiring features. Therefore, it is important to write down all the features you have ever wanted in a dream house, considering that they vary from one person to another.

2. Neighborhood and Surrounding Area

Always remember that your dream house will always be part of a larger community daily. It is therefore critical, that you find a neighbourhood that suits your needs before buying. Here are some interesting aspects to check:

  • Are you the kind that prefers closeness to the bustles of the cities?
  • Do you prefer tranquility and serenity?
  • Do you prefer amenities close to your house (Gym, Coffee shop, Laundromat etc.)?

Whatever your heart desires, don’t hesitate to do your research before starting your search.

3. The Age of a Property

Age will always make a big difference when considering your dream house. Always be aware of what you’re signing for before making that offer.

Do you swoon over the irreplaceable charm offered by old homes?
Would you fall in love with a property that offered its built-in dumbwaiter and a hidden servant’s staircase?
If so, tailor your search to those historical diamonds in the rough. However, be aware that older homes tend to require a bit more TLC than their newer counterparts.

Alternatively, does your ideal property require no more work than turning the key in the front door?
Do you dream of a closet large enough to hold your more-than-substantial wardrobe and an updated master bath that feels like a spa? In that case, new construction may be a better fit.
If you can get in on the ground floor, you may even be able to select certain features while the home is being built and customize it further to your tastes.

4. The Right Amount of Space

Space is always Paramount in the search for your dream home. You should always Think about the space that you currently live in and answer the following key questions:

  • How does the size of your current house feel?
  • Do you have enough bedrooms?
  • Do Multiple family members have to share bedrooms?
  • Is there enough storage for all your household items?

In addition to considering your current living situation, you should also consider your plans for the future. If you think you may be making an addition to your family sometime soon, plan for a little extra room. Ideally, you’ll want a happy medium that will give you room to grow without going overboard.

5. Cost

If cost is not considered, your dream home could end up becoming more of a worry than an escape.

Try not to stretch yourselves to the furthest reaches of your budget.
Remember that there are more costs to consider than just the monthly mortgage payment.
You should also consider local taxes, monthly utility costs, and association fees when purchasing.
Once you submit an offer on a property, have your agent get in contact with the sellers. He or she can ask them to provide a breakdown of their average monthly and yearly payments.

Everyone deserves to find their dream home.

With the right amount of research, it is possible. Use these important factors as points of consideration as you and your family begin the home-buying process. They’ll help you focus on the qualities that a property must have to be your perfect fit.

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